Providing fractional tech lead services to growing e-commerce merchants on Shopify and BigCommerce


01Our Story

We're a company of one on a mission to improve the stability and performance of e-commerce stores so you can focus on the business.

So why say we? Well, while Max Karlsson is the one you will be working with, no man is an island and sometimes projects are too big for one person.

We're based in the inner-West in Melbourne, Australia. But you don't have to be Melbourne-based to work with us. We've worked with organisations all over Australia, Europe and North America.


02Our Services

We work with growing e-commerce brands to help improve their tech stack, the stability of their site and ensure their growing platform avoids technical growing pains.

We have extensive experience working with headless e-commerce and merchants of all sizes. As such we're poised to predict growing pains for merchants as they grow and can help make the tech stack a stable part of your operation.


03What is a Fractional Tech Lead?

Most growing e-commerce businesses have run into technical issues as they improve their platform. You've likely worked with outsourced developers, freelancers or agencies to help you build new projects and dealt with the challenges of working with external technical resources, translating your business needs into technical requirements.

As your business grows and your tech stack becomes ever more complex, you need someone who can take ownership of that stack, provide strategy and technical planning as well as the odd development job. That's where a technical lead, or tech lead, comes in. A tech lead is a developer with extensive experience and expertise in the field who helps to improve your tech stack.

However, most e-commerce businesses don't need a full-time tech lead. The cost is prohibitive and there simply isn't enough work to keep a tech lead busy year round.

That's where the fractional tech lead steps in. A fractional tech lead works with your business as a technical lead to whatever capacity your business requires, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time tech lead.



Want proof that we know what we’re talking about? You don’t have to take our word for it. See what others have said about us.

Grace Pham

Grace Pham

Head of Ecommerce at Infamous Swim

We were very lucky to have Max onboard to help us with the Global-e Integration and the QA process pre/post launch. He provided a wealth of knowledge in Shopify Plus and went beyond to ensure we had a successful launch. I highly recommend Max for anyone who needs high level Shopify support.

Catherine Kirby

Catherine Kirby

CEO & Founder of 2eHub & Kids Like Us

I’ve engaged Max from Hyperlane for multiple projects and I am extremely satisfied with the work he has carried out on each of the sites, and the attention to detail to ensure that the original outcomes of the projects were achieved.

Hampus Carlsson

Hampus Carlsson

Owner & Artist at Mammas Källare Tattoo Studio

Sustainability and ethical responsibility are close to our hearts as a vegan tattoo studio. So it was important to us that we teamed up with an ethically minded agency to build our site. Extra bonus that it stands out from the crowd.


05Our Approach

We believe that the project should dictate the platform — not the other way around.

We use a modern approach to development where we look at the needs of your project and use the services and platforms that are best suited to your unique problems.

That's why we love working with As the most flexible headless CMS on the market it allows us to build absolutely anything. We've used it for all kinds of projects, from ecommerce sites connected to Shopify or BigCommerce, to marketing sites and web apps. We're yet to run into the limitations of Sanity and our partners love the editing experience it provides.

Your visitors are becoming more and more privacy aware and so are we. We help you select a privacy-first visitor analytics platform that doesn't compromise on the quality of data that most businesses need.

We design and build your site mobile-first. Because anything else is unforgivable. Everyone searches on their mobile devices more than anything else. We help you meet your customers where they are.


06Contact us

We’d love to hear about your ideas. Drop us a line below with a brief description of your project and we’ll go from there.